The Weekliest Links, DJ Deliverables Edition

May 29th, 2015 by Wes

We’re back from a too-long hiatus! I know you missed us.

One of our engineers has been nursing a casual interest in ionizing radiation over the past couple of hackweeks and decided to build a Geiger Counter from scratch. At the heart of this device is a component called a Geiger-Muller tube that facilitates the particle detection. This site is an incredible resource in helping choose the tube for the project. It details a cost benefit analysis of easily procurable tubes along with links to spec sheets and ebay listings; helpful, especially when most of these resources are in Russian elsewhere.

A nice case-study to bookmark for when you’re trying to optimize some python code in the future.

We closed our Series C! Which means we’re looking to hire and move into a new space. Since Chartbeat strives for openness and planiness, our Creative Energy Oracle is designing out new work place following this advice.

Happy Friday!