The Weekliest Links, Boy Band Edition

January 16th, 2015 by Wes

Think of the boy bands when scheduling your developer conference.

Really awesome overview of different TCP implementations.

‘Why Clojure?’ answered by a Pythoneer. Immutability encourages pushing application state to the db, the REPL and clojure class loader, and benefits of the JVM. Chartbeat has traditionally been predominantly a Python shop, but we’re introducing Clojure in certain parts of our code base, so this is particularly interesting to us.

Rendezvous Hashing accomplishes the same goal as consistent hashing and was developed independently around the same time. The algorithm is intuitively simpler and has a straightforward implementation, though its performance characteristics are dependent on object size. That said, it might be a good replacement for some consistent hashing use cases.

Happy Friday everyone!