The Weekliest Links, Food For Thought Edition

August 8th, 2014 by Wes

More from Chartbeat, angrier, newbier, and foodier than ever!

Notes from the Mystery Machine Bus – Another Steve Yegge classic, this time literally politically polarizing. Yegge argues that software engineers fall along a conservative/liberal programming language spectrum, and that this is as fundamental to your character as your political leanings.

Framer.js – One of our illustrious designers who is learning to code says this: Building interactive prototypes to test out your ideas is really cool. The problem is that usually involves javascript, which I am patently afraid of. Framer.js is for people like me. Check out these videos from their first meetup.

Edible Geography – Nicola Twilley’s excellent blog about food, but not how to make it! She focuses on everything else: history, technology, obscura, and science. You might not realize it but your life would be complete if Twilley were to come to your home for dinner and tell you about refrigeration in China. For reals.