The Weekliest Links, the Luckiest Cat Edition

February 13th, 2015 by Wes

Schrodinger’s unlucky Cat can be alive! The Cat has been used to represent possible quantum states of a particle. In Schrodinger’s conceptual model, the unlucky Cat is placed in a container with a vial of cyanuric acid that breaks open if the container is opened. It is thus assigned both dead and alive states since we are unable to observe it’s state without opening the container. Similarly, quantum particles are assigned multiple states, represented by probabilities, and cannot be determined because the act of measuring perturbs the state. Berkeley researchers have in part been able to tease out this uncertainty in part by accurately predicting quantum particle trajectories. Synopsis here.

Tired of manually choosing mates through Tinder? By analyzing a small set of previous decisions about which people he liked, Justin Long constructed an averaged face that met his tastes and automatically liked/disliked future pictures. With this tool, you can rest easy knowing that no more potential booty calls will slip through your fingers.

Happy cursed Friday everyone!