We’re moving our Engineering Blog to Medium! Some of the old content has been migrated, but all the tasty freshness will be appearing there going forward. And do expect tastiness — we’ve been working hard at building up a nice queue of thought provoking and illustrative content that I guarantee you will write your mother […] Keep reading
You’re doing data replication wrong. There. I said it. Suppose you’ve got a six node database cluster (ex. HDFS, Cassandra, Riak), and you’d like to store three copies of some piece of data in the cluster. Which three nodes should you pick? One possibility is that you pick a random three nodes. This is the […] Keep reading
Swailing is a handy little Python logging library we created in the process of developing WADE. It’s usually a handy thing to put in lots of logging info while developing a system (say, an API service), and what generally ends up happening is that there’s some piece of info that gets output on every request. In your […] Keep reading
Hey peeps, I’ll be presenting at the O’Reilly Software Architecture conference here in NY in a few days! The talk will be on various sharding / hashing algorithms for data replication and load balancing. It’s more interesting than it sounds, I swear. Consistent hashing is just the tip of the iceberg 🙂 We’ll be sure […] Keep reading
We’re a small team, about 30-ish engineers, and we process over 250,000 writes per second into our system on an average day. At this traffic level, we routinely see mysterious performance problems, so it’s important that our engineers have a better handle of how a system performs than the average web developer. Since we emphasize […] Keep reading

WADE, Our New Best Friend

March 11th, 2016 by Wes

We’re pleased to announce WADE, a little database project of ours. You can get all of the interesting detail from the git repo, but I’ll go into a bit here first, because what’s an engineering blog if there’s no engineering? At Chartbeat, we’ve found ourselves often times wrestling with database scale problems when something we […] Keep reading

Hackweek 31

November 25th, 2015 by Nathan Potter

What’s Hackweek Again? Here at Chartbeat, we have a Hackweek every 7 weeks. Hackweek is a time to learn, explore, and just try something new. At the end of October, we had Hackweek 31 (that’s 31 x 7 = 7 months of hacking over 4 years). Lately we’ve been doing team hacks, which are 3 […] Keep reading
This is the story of how Chartbeat struggled for months integrating with a complex and sometimes incomprehensible external API service and eventually brought sanity to that notoriously difficult service. Then, we open sourced the whole thing. Chartbeat helps leading media companies around the world understand, measure, and monetize the time that audiences actively spend with […] Keep reading
Rick Mangi pontificates on the open source efforts going on during Hackweek at Chartbeat. Keep reading
Harry Wolff, our intrepid Frontend Platform Engineer, blogged about the creation of the Paid Content tool. Keep reading